Do You Use These WordPress Plug-ins In Your Online Business

Many online marketers probably consider WordPress only for bloggers. Ok… WordPress can be used in the same way as a static marketing sites, so it’s not just for “blogs.” You can use WordPress for many applications because as a content management system it is quite flexible. What’s really great about this are all the plugins that are always being developed, and you can get your blog/site to do just about anything you want. There are some plugins that are ideal for online marketers, and we wanted to review them for you.

One you do not want to ever leave home without is the Google XML Sitemap. For any IM related blog that is intended to rank in the search engines, this plugin is vital to success. A Sitemap is what Google uses to search all of the pages of your website. Also, it’s highly recommended to build a new sitemap when you update your site, but if you update it every day then perhaps once a week, etc. But if you’re not familiar with doing it, then it can take some time plus you have to learn how to do it. But whenever you update your blog, the sitemap plugin will automatically update itself. Maybe you plan to use tons of images on your site – then you’ll want to check out SEO Friendly Images. You know that it’s important to do on-page seo with your text. Were you aware that you can optimize the images on your site? Well, SEO Friendly Images will make it easier to assign Alt tags and Titles to your images. This plugin will automatically add your tags if it detects they are missing. If you have a lot of pics, you’ll save a lot of time.

Another excellent plugin lets your site subscribers get updates via text message, it’s called – oddly enough – SMS Text Message. It uses a simple form for optins that it will install for you. So, in order to get updates they’ll just input their number into the optin, and then they’ll be good to go. This seems to be a novel way of keeping your subscribers aware of what’s going on. Of course not very many people are going to be open to giving out their phone numbers these days so don’t be surprised if it takes you a really long time to build up your list.

WordPress seems to definitely be the Content Management System of choice. Extremely versatile, it can be used for landing pages, squeeze pages, blogs – of course, video blogs, etc. The system is fully customizable and, thanks to all of the different plug-ins that are available, you can make your website function however you want it to. Of course for online business, you want sites that you can do those things with. So with all of these features and benefits, this may be exactly what you need.

Find Good Deals and Shopping Safely Online

In today’s world, wholesale shopping is now something which can be done via the Internet. Those who take part in online wholesale shopping can attest to the fact that it is an easy and convenient way to purchase bulk items at a reasonable price. The following paragraphs will highlight some tips regarding online wholesale shopping to make the process even that much easier.

The first tip individuals should take into consideration with regard to online wholesale shopping is that one should have a good idea as to what they are looking to purchase. Since the Internet is a great big world, so to speak, it is important to know specifically what one is trying to buy wholesale. This will make searching for the item online much easier as the individual can put in the exact keywords relating to the wholesale item which will bring them to desired wholesaler’s websites.

You can find amazing deals online; many huge department stores promote their bargains there. Everyone is buying into online bargain shopping sites, whether you’re just starting out with online shopping or looking to take bargain shopping to the next level. There are many articles, tips and how to’s for shopping for bargains online, you can find these on the web. Online bargain shopping has never been any easier. After you’ve done your homework and research get on the web and start searching for those bargains. When shopping online you don’t need to worry about the craziness of shopping in crowds, standing on lines and carry all those bags. An amazing electronic online bargain shopping experience awaits at every turn and click of the mouse.

Online shopping does come with a certain amount of risk. The biggest of which being identity theft. Although it is not likely that you will have any sort of problems with this, it should be noted that it is a potential risk. To help deal the fear some people have about putting their credit card online, most companies now give you the option to order over the phone with an operator.

The Internet has completely revolutionized the retail shopping industry. With online shopping, the consumer now has many different ways to shop without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home. Prior to the Internet, catalog sales were the only way that people could shop from their recliner while seated in front of the television. The choices you had were limited to the catalogs with which you had a subscription. Online shopping has revolutionized the way people are shopping from home.

Black Friday Freebies

Black Friday

While there are a lot of great deals on Black Friday, the most exciting deals are the Black Friday complimentary gifts. The shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving complimentary gifts is free stuff you get only to show up to a store or sending in a refund.

The Black Friday complimentary gifts incorporate free present cards, medicinal services things, appliances, tote sacks, wearing products, coupons, and even a giant teddy bear.

Black Friday

We’ll refresh this rundown as more complimentary gifts are reported. However, this is what we discovered until now:

  • Kmart – First 100 customers will get a free gift pack
  • Kohl’s – First 100 clients will get 2 free motion picture tickets (promo code) to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Michael’s Crafts – First 21 clients will get an unconditional present card worth $20 or $5
  • PetSmart – First 100 clients will get a free online motion picture rental and a free paw print adornment
  • Sports Authority – First 80 clients will get a free $15 gift card on 11/25 at 6 pm nearby time
  • Belk – First 250 clients will get an unconditional present card with values going from $5 – $1,000 in store with an ensured $1,000 victor at each store on 11/26 at 6 PM neighborhood time
  • Mill’s Fleet Farm – First 500 clients will get a free extravagant cushion hedgehog
  • Sam’s Club – Free breakfast for individuals from 7 – 11:30 AM neighborhood time
  • JCPenney – Early-winged animal clients will get coupons worth $10 off $10 or $100 off $100 that is promptly redeemable in store. Likewise, at 3 PM neighborhood time, they’ll be giving ceaselessly free collectible Disney Snow globes while supplies last.
  • Fred Meyer – Free doughnuts and espresso from 5 AM – 1 PM nearby time
  • Cost Plus World Market – First 100 clients on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will get a free Downtown Abbey Teacup in a Gift Box.
  • Half Price Books – First 100 clients will get a free tote and a $5 gift card. One arbitrary tote bag will contain a $100 gift card!
  • Bon-Ton – First 200 clients will get a gift voucher with values running from $5-$500 with an ensured $500 champ at each store.
  • Verizon – Free iTunes gift vouchers, 1GB of free information and more which begins 11/25
  • Old Navy – First 50 customers will get an opportunity to win $1 million dollars! Stores open 11/25 at 4 pm neighborhood time.
  • Amazon – The Amazon Appstore will give away applications for download on all Android gadgets. The advancement begins on Thanksgiving and will have an expected $115 worth of free applications and diversions.

Here are retails stores giving without end complimentary gifts with a buy or are sweepstakes:

  • Victoria’s Secret – Get a free Limited Edition tote bag with a $75 buy. The plan is kept-mystery until the point when Black Friday arrives.
  • Petco – Get free Max-motivated tusks for canines and Grinch caps for felines with a buy utilizing a Pals Reward card on Black Friday throughout the day.
  • Macy’s – Their Walk in and Win advancement will allow you to win an excursion to New York City, a Martha Stewart Home Makeover, Shopping binges and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

The History Of Black Friday

Black Friday

For many individuals, Black Friday is an ideal opportunity to do a little genuine Christmas shopping – even before the remainder of the Thanksgiving scraps are no more! The shopping fest following Thanksgiving is the Friday in the wake of Thanksgiving, and it’s one of the significant shopping days of the year in the United States – falling anytime between November 23 and 29. While it’s not perceived as an official US occasion, numerous representatives have the free day – aside from those retail workers

Black Friday

The expression “Black Friday” was coined in the 1960s to check the opening to the Christmas shopping season. “Black” alludes to stores moving from the “red” to the “black,” back when bookkeeping records were kept by hand, and red ink demonstrated a misfortune, and dark a benefit. As far back as the beginning of the cutting edge Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924, the Friday in the wake of Thanksgiving has been known as the informal beginning to a bustling Christmas shopping season.

In the 1960’s, police in Philadelphia complained about the congested roads, obstructed with drivers and people on foot, calling it “The Black Friday.” In a non-retail sense, it additionally portrays a budgetary emergency of 1869: a securities exchange calamity set off by gold onlookers who attempted and neglected to corner the gold market, making the market fall and stocks to dive.

How Did It Become So Famous?

As retailers acknowledged they could draw enormous group by marking down costs, Black Friday turned into the day to shop, far and away superior to those very late Christmas deals. A few retailers put their things available to be purchased on the morning of Thanksgiving. The most looked for things are hardware and prominent toys, as these might be the most definitely marked down. Be that as it may, costs are sliced on everything from home furniture to clothing.


The day after Thanksgiving is a difficult day, with numerous retailer opens up at 5 am or much prior to swarms of individuals holding up tensely outside the windows.  Most extensive retailers post their Black Friday promotion sweeps, coupons and offer online in advance to give buyers time to get some answers concerning deals and plan their buys. Different organizations adopt an alternate strategy, holding up until the last conceivable minute to discharge their Black Friday promotions, planning to make a buzz and hold clients who are anxiously inquiring for a declaration.

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